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Building contractors engaged by a client usually build according to the designs of the client's architect and engineer, but they sometimes need to engage their own structural engineer to provide them with in-house expertise. This may be needed to:

  • Give advice about alternative methods of construction which the contractor would prefer to those proposed by the client's design team, because they would give some advantage of time, safety or cost
  • Prepare a method statement showing how the work will be built safely. This is often required for work close to other buildings, and may have to be presented to neighboring party wall surveyors for approval
  • Design temporary works, which are often part of the contractor's responsibility under the building contract
  • Design structural steel connections or concrete reinforcement schedules, which are often left to the contractor
  • Produce structural designs for the work when the contractor has been engaged on a 'design and build' contract.

Aleck Associates Ltd has wide experience of working with contractors in all these categories.